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Macarena Strawberry Dessert

Pair with: Pedro Ximénez


Cooking time: 1 hour

For Sherries served with puddings, we highly recommend Pedro Ximénez as the sweetest of Sherry wines. As a general rule, it is considered appropriate for the Sherry drunk at the end of a meal to be sweeter than the pudding with which it is paired.


Macarena Strawberry Dessert

Wash and hull the strawberries and cut in half. Place in a bowl and sprinkle with the vinegar, cream sherry and half the sugar, and leave to macerate for 1 hour. Heat the milk with the brandy, vanilla and the rest of the sugar. Dip in the sponges and line the base and sides of a mould or dish with them (keep the side sponges drier). Spread a layer of confectioners custard over the sponge base, top with a layer of drained strawberries, then cover with another layer of dipped sponge fingers, repeating the process until you have used up all the ingredients. If you are going to serve it from the same dish, finish with a layer of custard and decorate with strawberries. If you are using a mould, finish with a layer of sponge and decorate with whipped cream and strawberries: place in the freezer for 6 to 12 hours, moving it to the fridge 2 hours before turning it out.


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Serving and consuming

Pedro Ximénez with food

Pedro Ximénez should be served slightly chilled, at between 12 and 14ºC, though the younger wines may be served at lower temperatures.

It is a dessert in itself, though combining exceptionally well with desserts based on slightly bitter chocolate, with ice-creams and blue cheeses of great intensity, such as Cabrales or Roquefort.

  • Always serve slightly chilled

    Serve between 12 & 14º C in a white wine glass.

  • A dessert in itself

    A perfect way to finish a meal. Pairs perfectly with desserts that aren't too sweet.

  • Style of glass

    In traditional wide rimmed catavinos or in a white wine glass.