Bridge Brasserie - Alexander Mamut’s restaurant was opened in November 2012 on the place of THE MOST CAFE. Inspirer of the project was Alexander Rappoport. Taking away article “The”, gilding and luxury, while maintaining a refined elegance, and adding nowadays mood and following current trends, the project managed to get the title of one of the most fashionable and delicious places in Moscow during two years of existence. The menu offers regional French cuisine: duck, cooked according to the recipe of Aquitaine, confit, like in Gascony, Marseille bouillabaisse etc. Bridge Brasserie’s guests can enjoy the atmosphere of the depth of France culinary, without leaving Moscow. We have become simplier. Now, without article. BRASSERIE MOST

Sherry Wine Pairing

Used and as an accompaniment to dishes and as a component of cocktails. White calm Jerez Fino, it can act like an alternative to white wine, and can be combined with fish, seafood, poultry, or, for example, with salad with rabbit. Sweet Pedro Ximenez can be either self-sufficient digestive or addition to desserts.
Concerning cocktails, in this case sherry is served as a supplement, not as a basis. For example, make excellent flips with egg yolk, which emphasizes the taste of the dessert sherry. Also we have mixed cocktails - sherry with bourbon. White sherry mixed drinks can be an alternative to dry or white vermouth.