Bar Restaurant

Estragon Tapas / Bar Gogo


Estragon Tapas Bar is owned and operated by Julio de Haro and Lara Egger. Chef Julio was born and raised in Madrid and his cuisine reflects the fresh simplicity of traditional Spanish fare. Many of the dishes are family recipes, served straight from Abu Luisa's kitchen to your table. Everything, from croquetas to vegetable stock, bechamel to romesco, is prepared usign the freshest ingredients from the most reputable purveyors. To complement Estragon's extensive tapas menu, you'll find a unique cocktail list featuring creative and classic cocktails, a selection of over twenty local and craft beers, and an all-Spanish wine list with more than 100 references spanning both the country's established and emerging wine regions.

Sherry Cocktail

Funky Town cocktail

Dry Oloroso Sherry, Batavia Arrack, Ancho Reyes, Koval Ginger Liqueur, pomegranate molasses, sesame oil

The Oloroso in this cockail has been highlighted by accompaniments that brought their own funky, complex flavors. The result is a cocktail that will throw you for a spin, then spin you around, and keep you coming back for more. Umami, spice, and layers upon layers of flavors, make this a unique sipper.