Le Restaurant


The elegant restaurant of Vinoterra company opens a new chapter in its history with a new chef, new menu and tasting sets. The name speaks for itself: Le Restaurant - nothing more. The restaurant in the classic sense, that has brought together all the things that should be in it. A rich collection of delicacies, extensive wine collection, the road to the smallest detail thought out serving and impeccable service. Designed as a private club of the largest wine trading company Vinoterra, Le Restaurant now is opened for everybody.

Sherry Wine Pairing

Jerez - is one of the gastronomic wines of the world, due to its diversity of styles. This wine is valued differently depending on cultural background tastes. In Spain, and especially on the south, it is considered a popular and practical "people's wine". In England, considered a refined drink sherry. In France, this wine is almost unknown. Jerez is always served chilled. It is pleasant to drink as an aperitif (although mainly in Russia it is considered solely as digestive). It tastes well with olives, green olives (stuffed or not). Dry Fino sherry tastes well with jerked meat and hard goat cheeses. It creates an original combination with consommé and vegetable soups. It makes perfect alliance in conjunction with asparagus and caviar. Jerez Manzanillo - this is one of the best recommendations for oysters. Also, some types of sherries are perfectly combined with a variety of desserts.