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Spanglish Craft Cocktails + Restaurant


Spanglish -- it's more than just the "unofficial" language of Miami; it's a way of life. Our goal was to translate the "Spanglish" culture into a one-of-a-kind dining experience that cocktail lovers and food lovers alike could enjoy. Founded by a group of die-hard Miamians in late 2019, we blend more than just our languages. At Spanglish Craft Cocktail Bar + Kitchen, we aim to bring you dishes that blend the best of both Latin American and traditional American staples.

Spanglish is a one-of-kind restaurant experience that blends entertainment, craft cocktails, and a unique foodie-approved menu wrapped inside an intimate speakeasy-style decor. Watch in awe as our bartenders flip bottles, toss around cocktail shakers, and dazzle you with a show while making your favorite drinks.

Sherry Cocktail

¡Cuero Na' Ma'!

One of a kind cocktail aged in a Botarron, a leather bag where we rest the cocktail for 12 days to ensure adding leather notes the concoction. The cocktail is stirred with Scotch and Cognac spirit base, a blend of Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso Sherry with Italian Vermouth. Finished and balanced with Lavender bitters to add some flower notes to the cocktail. Dark chocolate to garnish and pair with.