Inspired by the evocative contrast of red lipstick against olive skin, Penelope was developed to accentuate the richness as well as the finesse of Leonore Palo Cortado, while taking care not to overpower the wine's delicacy with excessive spirit or sugar. There are many Sherry cocktails which exist without much, if any, reference or difference to the wine's unique style, flavor or character, often simply listing "sherry" as an arbitrary modifier. As an avid Sherry drinker, my goal is always to build upon and enhance the nuances of the wine being used and the "Penelope" aperitif cocktail is certainly no exception to this standard.

With the wine serving as our primary ingredient, others are added simply to enhance my favorite of this Palo Cortado's unique flavors: Young Armagnac for vanilla, cocoa and Mediterranean salinity; Cacao nib for chocolate, roasted hazelnut and the mild bitter almond finish; Fresh grenadine for orchard fruit and molasses; lemon juice to maintain balance and bracing acidity; And Brut Rosado Cava for fresh ripe berries, still more salinity and a bright effervescence.

Despite the above treatise, it´s important to remember that cocktails--Sherry cocktails, in particular--are meant to be enjoyed, and with Penelope's relatively low alcohol content, I believe I can end here, retire to the bar and enjoy a few myself.

While this cocktail was developed as an aperitif, it shows remarkably well alongside our popular Chorizo-Stuffed Squid prepared with house-made Spanish-style sausage, confit potatoes, olives, garlic-saffron sofrito and cilantro salsa verde. The cocktail's subtle sweetness mellows the robust spice of the chorizo and sofrito while the acidity and effervescence cleanse the palate of the dish's fatty richness.




*to make cacao nib tincture, combine 1 cup roasted and husked cacao nibs and 2 cups VS Armagnac in a glass jar. Seal and store in a cool dark place for 5-10 days, depending on the intensity of the cacao, tasting daily. Strain and store in a sealed glass jar. Serve from a typical glass olive oil/vinegar dasher.

Fill Irish Coffee glass with ice to chill. Combine all ingredients except for Cava in a clean cocktail shaker, fill with ice and shake vigorously, but briefly.

Remove ice from Irish Coffee glass. Strain shaken cocktail through a fine mesh (tea) strainer into your chilled Irish Coffee glass. Top with 1.5oz Brut Rosado Cava. Garnish with a simple lemon peel twist and serve.

Glass: 6oz footed irish coffe glass (Libbey "Georgian")

Garnish: lemon peel twist


Schrijver , San Francisco, CA Verenigde Staten van Amerika


Serveren en consumeren

Palo Cortado met voedsel

"Meditatiewijn", ideaal om zeer langzaam te drinken om te worden gewaardeerd op haar waarde. Bij het proeven van deze wijn word je ondergedompeld in het volledige scala van volledig evenwichtige sensaties die deze wijn biedt.

Het is een ultieme begeleider van diverse noten, belegen kazen, geconcentreerde consommes, stoofschotels en bij "gelatine-achtig" vlees zoals bij ossestaart en varkenswangen.

  • Licht gekoeld en in een witte wijnglas

    Serveer temperatuur tussen 12° en 14° C en in een witte wijnglas

  • De meest elegante wijn

    Het combineert het subtiele van een Amontillado en met het volle ronde van een Oloroso

  • Probleemloos voor langere tijd houdbaar

    In verband met haar unieke samenstelling, kan deze wijn ondanks opening, nog maanden bewaard worden.