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Embojada: Epithet applied to a butt positioned so that the bulge hoops are located in the centre of the palos de escalera and chocks are placed under the hoops.
Empernacar: To straddle, referring to a man standing in the top tier of a row of butts, with a leg on either side of the space between two butts and resting on one in the tier below.
Encabezado: Fortification, or addition of wine alcohol, to young wine (up to this point still referred to as must in the sherry region) with the aim of modifying its alcoholic content.// Mar. To join two things by their heads.
Encargado (de cuadrilla): Foreman in a winery team of four, composed of himself, two other skilled men and an apprentice.// Acad. A person entrusted with doing something.
Encornada: Epithet applied in the winery to a butt whose long axis is not perpendicular to the palos de escalera or parallel to other butts in the row.
Entallar: To cut staves to length.// Acad. To make cuts in a piece of wood so that it can be put together with another.
Escala: Scale. Each sequence of butts, containing similar wine of the same age, that forms part of a criadera and solera system.// Acad. An organised sequence of things that differ from each other but are of the same sort.
Escaleretero (aviador): Sawyer. Skilled cooper who splits, selects and shapes the staves.
Especificado: Vineyard worker chosen to carry out delicate operations.
Espensilla: Little room used as the vineyard foremans office. Larder-like cupboard used for storing the vineyard foremans office materials.
Espirriaque: Poor-quality must obtained from the third pressing, or pressing the residue