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Hendido (hender): Splitting (to split). The operation of splitting the rough stave, approximately triangular in section, along the grain of the wood to obtain pieces usable as staves in a cask.// Acad. Making or causing a split.
Hilado: Literally threading. A disease of wines which causes a perceptible change in their density.
Hueco: Space between two butts above which another can be placed.// Mar. The hollow in a wave as it starts to curl.// Acad. Interval in time or space.
Hueso (a): A butt in a row is said to be a hueso in relation to a supporting one when it rests on it without the aid of chocks or wedges. Also used when the bulges of two butts are in contact, even when wedges are in place// Acad. (Bldg.) Applied to stones, slabs or bricks which fit together perfectly without mortar