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Tomato Gazpacho

Pair with: Manzanilla


Cooking time: 15 min

Gazpacho is an ancient Spanish bread soup, possibly dating back to Roman times, which was readily adapted to include the New World tomato in the 18th century. It makes a delicious, appetite-stimulating start to a summer meal. Perfect with an ice-cold Manzanilla Sherry such as Barbadillo Solear.



Tomato Gazpacho

Peel garlic, slice in half, discard the centre ‘germ’ and chop roughly. Place in a blender with ½ teaspoon salt and 4 slices of the bread and process until crumbed. With motor running, slowly add the oil until fully incorporated. Remove from blender and set aside.

Peel and quarter tomatoes. Seed one tomato, dice finely and set aside.

Remove most of the skin from the capsicums/peppers using a small knife or potato peeler. Halve capsicums and remove seeds and membrane. Dice half a capsicum finely and set aside.

Peel and halve cucumbers. Seed half a cucumber, dice finely and set aside.

Peel and halve onions. Dice one half finely and set aside.

Reserving the finely diced portions for garnish, place tomato, capsicum, cucumber and onion in the blender and process until smooth.

Add bread paste and process again. Add vinegar and process briefly to combine. Refrigerate, in blender, until well chilled, preferably overnight.

Meanwhile, cut remaining bread into small cubes. Heat a frying pan, add a drizzle of oil and fry bread until golden and crisp. Tip onto a plate to cool then store in an airtight container until needed.

Blitz soup one more time in blender, then pass through a fine strainer, pressing down with the back of a ladle to extract as much liquid as possible.

Stir water into the soup, adding more or less depending on the consistency you prefer. Taste and add extra vinegar or salt if needed. Return to the refrigerator until well chilled.

Serve topped with a scattering of diced vegetables and toasted bread cubes.


Author , Sydney Australia


Serving and consuming

Manzanilla with food

Manzanilla combines perfectly with fish and seafood, as well as with salted fish and cured meats.

Thanks to its low acidity, it is, together with Fino, the perfect choice to accompany salads, cold soups and dressings. 

  • Always serve very chilled

    Use an ice bucket with both ice and water to serve chilled between 6 & 8º C.

  • The wine of the sea

    Perfect with fish, seafood and all styles of food from the sea.

  • Style of Glass

    In traditional wide rimmed catavinos or in a white wine glass.

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