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Fino is a delicious, versatile and accessible dry sherry wine from Southern Spain. Together with its cousin Manzanilla from Sanlucar de Barrameda, they are enjoyed by the curious, the adventurous, the discerning. At Fino4Foodies, you’ll find recipes for food matches and cocktails, you'll also find all sorts of articles and pointers, to help you explore the flavours of the world of Sherry as a whole and we've even included a directory of the UK places where you can buy and enjoy Fino & Manzanilla. So come with us, and let Fino4Foodies show you one of the world’s oldest wines in a whole new light…


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Fino’s richness, hint of zest and nutty, savoury notes make it a perfect match for salt, fat and spice and so many big flavours… or we could just pour you a glass while you cook. We’ve chosen a few of our favourite recipes…

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