Camino Kings Cross


Camino is a tapas bar and restaurant group in London, with three sites, Shoreditch, Monument and our flagship in King's Cross. In Spanish culture, ¡VAMOS DE TAPAS! or LET’ S GO FOR TAPAS! is about enjoying the company of friends and family, having fun, visiting lively bars, having a few drinks and eating delicious tapas. For our founder Richard, Camino was inspired by a road trip through Spain, where the people and the lifestyle left a lasting impression. This life-changing journey continues by bringing the essence of Spanish tapas culture to London. ¡VAMOS DE TAPAS! We love sherry at Camino and we have some of the driest to the sweetest on our menu. We believe it is one of the best food matching wines available. Our cocktails regularly feature sherries too! We love a Manzanilla served with olives and boquerones (pickled anchovies from Cadiz). We love Fino with salted almonds and calamares. We love Amontillado served with our Jamon Iberico and tomato bread. We love Oloroso served with our Solomillo or pressed suckling pig. We love Oloroso Dulce with our cheese platters and chocolate puddings. We love Moscatel with our almond tart and we love to finish with a PX, ideally poured over vanilla ice cream!

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Eligible for co-financing with European Union Funds