101 Great Ways to Enjoy Sherry

05 October 2016

If your repertoire of food with sherry doesn’t go much beyond nuts and olives you’re in for a surprise. Award-winning food and drink writer Fiona Beckett has come up with the definitive sherry matching guide in the form of a downloadable e-book.

Launched on Wednesday October 5, 2016, the book – 101 great ways to enjoy sherry – is sponsored by the Consejo Regulador de Jerez y Manzanilla and designed by Miller Design in Bristol.

The pairings which range from traditional tapas and British favourites such as fish and chips and sticky toffee pudding and Asian street food such as Gyoza and bao buns aim to put sherry right at the heart of eating in or out. There’s also a section on celebrating Christmas with sherry (Sherry Christmas!), sherry cocktails, tips for throwing a sherry party, and a list of sauces and seasonings that combine well with sherry 

I’m a real sherry enthusiast who needs little excuse to crack open a bottle” says Beckett who admits to always having a bottle of fino in the fridge. It’s an amazing wine both to pair with food and use in cooking. Friends who don’t think of themselves as sherry lovers have been totally blown away by some of these matches.

Download your copy today

The book is now available as a downloadable pdf from Fiona’s website for the special introductory price of £3.

101 great ways to enjoy sherry is the first in a series of food and drink e-books that Beckett will be promoting on the site and on her social media accounts @winematcher and @food_writer

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