Save the Date: Copa Jerez Forum & Competition 2017

06 April 2017

A complete programme of presentations and workshops is set to coincide with the celebration of the VII COPA JEREZ International Final, with restaurants from seven different countries participating in the food & wine pairing competition.

Jerez de la Frontera, 6 April 2017.- The Consejo Regulador for Sherry Wines held a press conference today to announce the Copa Jerez Forum & Competition to be held 12- 13 June. With this initiative, the city of Jerez will once again have the honour of hosting some of the most outstanding figures on the international food and wine scene.

After fourteen years, in which dozens of professionals from all over the world have competed to attain the perfect culinary food & wine pairings, Copa Jerez now takes another bold step forward. The Copa Jerez Forum will become a stage for dialogue, presentations, workshops and showcooking with a view to bringing Sherry Wines and gourmet food even closer. As such, Sherry is already a classic in the culinary world, so this is a new and unprecedented opportunity to delve even further into the analysis and knowledge about Sherry Wines at the table--explaining its relevance, its huge culinary potential and discovering why there is such a fascination for it in restaurants around the world.

On the first day, sommeliers of international fame like Josep Roca or François Chartier will discuss the key factors that make Sherry Wines so important in gastronomy. As head sommelier and co-owner of El Celler de Can Roca***, Josep Roca will explain the influence Sherry Wines have had at his restaurant. Then Chartier, considered one of the world’s most eminent experts on food & wine pairing, will give the Canadian perspective with his knowledge about molecular matching. He will demonstrate, from a more analytical standpoint, how incredibly versatile Sherry Wines are in creating amazing food & wine harmonies.

On a more strictly culinary-themed note, there will be presentations well worth attending, such as the one by Andoni Aduriz, who will talk about some of the unique features that the cuisine of Mugaritz** and Sherry Wines share, or the presentation by Ricard Camarena, who will reveal some discoveries he’s made when using Sherry Wines to make broths and sauces in his gourmet culinary endeavours.

Tuesday, 13 June, will be devoted to workshops and demonstrations that focus on different gourmet products and the nexus with Sherry Wines. For example, Cádiz and Japan will join together to compare fish-frying techniques: Fernando Córdoba from El Faro del Puerto will fry fish Cadiz-style while the famed Tsunahachi restaurant from Tokyo will prepare it in tempura. Sharing in the event, wine experts from the entire Jerez Region and outstanding sommeliers from around the world will impart their views on Sherry Wines, their international presence and the latest trends in food & wine pairing.

The second day will be complemented by the presence of over 20 winegrowers and bodegas representing the Jerez Region, allowing an expected 300 professionals to taste over 200 different Sherry Wine references.

Both the weekend prior to the Forum & Competition as well as during the two-day event, the entire network of accredited bodegas, restaurants and wine-related industry representatives will have the chance to take part in myriad activities and special events.

According to César Saldaña, director of the Consejo Regulador, the

Copa Jerez Forum & Competition represents a significant step forward in our ongoing strategy to position Sherry as one of the world’s most gastronomy-friendly wines. We constantly see how the world’s top restaurants are in tune with this idea and help to convey this message. The Forum will not only analyse current trends, but also broaden the knowledge base about Sherry Wines and contribute to a greater visibility and appreciation of them.

Professionals interested in attending the Forum can find complete details and information at, where accreditation can also be obtained.

Copa Jerez: The Competition

The Copa Jerez Forum & Competition will coincide with the VII Copa Jerez International Final, where chef/sommelier teams from seven different countries, representing restaurants of international fame, will face off in the final round and in doing so, attract critics, media and food & wine professionals from both sides of the Atlantic.

Spain will be represented at this year’s edition by Casa Marcial** a well-known and respected establishment represented by sommelier Juan Luis García and chef Matteo Pierazzoli. They will recreate and defend the food & wine pairing proposal that led them to win Spain’s national final last November, competing against Atrio**, El Cenador de Amós** and La Curiosidad de Mauro Barreiro.

The Spanish team will compete with finalists from Ödenturm (Germany), Hof van Cleve***  (Belgium), Falsled Kro (Denmark), En Rama (United States), Podium onder de Dom (the Netherlands) and The Ritz London* (United Kingdom).

The jury panel will be comprised of leading figures from the world of food and wine; namely, Joseph Roca, François Chartier, Jan van Lissum, Madelaine Jakits, Beltrán Domecq and Andoni Aduriz.​

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of El Consejo Regulador.
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