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31 May 2017

Describe Sherry in 3 Words

“Diverse, Elegant, Heritage”

Do you have a philosophy when it comes to pairing Sherry with food, or for creating food to pair with Sherry?

“Match the aroma, elevate the main ingredients and exalt the Sherry!”
We like to match both the main flavours of the dish together with the bouquet of the Sherry, always taking into consideration the acidity and the savoury profile of the wine in order to both lift the main ingredients of the dish and also give the right importance to the Sherry. The aim is to create harmony and a perfect balance, to let people re-discover one of the most interesting wines thanks to an explosion of taste in the palate.

What is your favourite non-traditional Sherry pairing?

Palo Cortado Sherry “Apostoles” 30 y.o. made by Gonzalez Byass matched with a Glazed Veal Sweetbread, served on a bed of Celeriac Purée and finished with a Black Truffle Reduction.

Why did you want to participate in Copa Jerez?

Copa Jerez is a great example of how important the relationship between the Chef and the Sommelier is in a successful Restaurant. The competition is a great challenge and it is a “once in a life time” experience which strengthens the teamwork even more.

We are constantly sharing our passion for food and wine and we also want our guests to discover more about Sherry and to realise how versatile it can be. We would love to see young generations asking to have a glass of Sherry paired with each course of their entire meal more in the future!

If you could serve your pairings from Copa Jerez anywhere in the world other than your restaurant

a. Where would it be?

The Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, France

b. Who would you like to serve them to?

Team of expert Sommeliers and Michelin star Chefs together with wine Journalists and food Critics to make them think again about the beauty of matching Sherry with a whole menu and for them to become ambassadors of this very unique wine.

c. What would the soundtrack be?  

Vivaldi: Four Season “The Spring” 

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