Council publishes first children's storybook about Sherry Wine

22 September 2014

In its colourful and fun-filled illustrations, readers are introduced to all the figures who, throughout 30 centuries of history, have worked towards turning a simple grape into something as special as Sherry Wine.

The process of Sherry winemaking, from vineyard to bottle, unfolds in this fascinating 32-page storybook. How is wine made? What is a lagar? And a solera? What is a venencia used for?
This book, primarily aimed at curious kids, will also appeal to adults who are keen on knowing the secrets, history and anecdotes behind the singular universe of Sherry Wines with a story line that is both entertaining and educational.

The book´s author is Paula Fernández de Bobadilla and the illustrations are by Ximena Maier.

The Regulatory Council´s Director, César Saldaña, states that although it is primarily aimed at children, the work is

fun but accurate in detail.

The author, for her part, added that "children can read the book with their parents, who will be tempted to delve even deeper. It´s supposed to appeal to young readers but it´s not just a picture book."

The book is available at the Regulatory Council´s online store for educational materials:

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