Denmark announces their Copa Jerez VII national finalists

08 November 2016

To coincide with the start of International Sherry Week,  some of Denmarks top chef and sommeliers competed at the Gastronnomisk Innovation centre in Copenhagon to represent the country in the international finals of Copa Jerez VII in 2017. 

The teams had to impress an elite group of gastronomy and wine professionals in the jury, including Thomas Riis – Sommelier,  Cathrine Fogel – Importer, Mariette Tiedemann – Journalist, Rasmus Leck Fisher – Chef & Owner Atelier B1 and Simon Juhl Olesen . Sommelier.

The three teams consisting each of a sommelier and chef were tasked with the challenge to prepare a main and dessert, each paired with a Sherry Wine and explain to the judges why they selected the pairing. 

The teams included:

Team 1    Casper Stuhr Sobczyk and Aleksander Bertnsen of Soren K

Team 2    Anders Holm and Patrick Erikson of Can Blau

Team 3    Included a team from two different restaurants, Kasper Tind Hasse of Falsled and Nikolai Hylledsted of Sortebro Kro.

The winning team was team 3 with Chef Kasper Tind Hasse of Falsled Kro and Sommelier Nikolai Hylledsted of Sortebro Kro.


The Winning Sherry Pairings by Kasper Tind Hasse of Falsled Kro and Nikolai Hylledsted of Sortebro Kro

ganador_copa_jerez_ppal.jpg Main dish: 

Glazed Iberican pork grilled, served with boletus, black lobster with redcurrant and sweet pepper.

Sauce with garlic and candied sweet potatoes with periwinkles, salted gooseberries and garlic.

Light sauce with fruity olive oil.

Paired with Delgado Zuleta, Oloroso 


Mousse on a bed of plums and figs with bitter orange, lemon confit, hazelnuts and citrus sauce.

Paired with Gutiérez Colosía, Moscatel 

In the last edition of the Copa Jerez held in 2015,  Denmark was represented by Thanyakarn Phureephatthakul and Simon Bertelsen of Michelin star restaurant Kiin Kiin, who won the Best Creative Sherry Pairing.

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