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The Essential Guide to Sherry & Tapas

Discover the top 30 Sherry Spots in the region, as voted by the people of the Sherry Triangle.

The Sherry Wine Council has published a guide to the best Sherry Spots in Jerez, El Puerto and Sanlúcar de Barrameda, the first publication that brings together culinary establishments as voted for by the public.  More than 80 places participated in June 2014, in a Sherry and Tapas tour with over 20,000 votes recorded by the public. 

The top 30 bars are featured in the Essential guide to Sherry and Tapas,  a free guide available at the Consejo Regulador in Jerez, or download the guide at the bottom of this article.  

Of universal fame and success, the concept of tapas and Sherry Wine has become an inseparable pair and an essential part of the most genuine culinary tradition in the south of Spain. 

Together, they express Andalusia's joy for life and a custom that captivates all who come here to visit. Meeting up for tapas is both a tradition and one of the best excuses to meet up with friends and share time together.  

The Jerez Region is the home of Sherry Wines, a place where food and wine pairing is an integral part of the local identity, an expression of its history and its culture, visibly present in its bars, restaurants and tabancos, the perfect combination of miniature dishes and the Sherry Wines that highlight and complement them.  

Restaurante Cuchara de Palo, Imprescindible nº1
Flor de Alcachofa con Amontillado 1 of 30
Restaurante La Carboná, Imprescindible nº2
Dados de Tarantelo con Amontillado 2 of 30
El Gallo Azul, , Imprescindible nº 3
Atún crujiente con Oloroso 3 of 30
Bar Juanito, Imprescindible nº4
Salteado de habitas y puntillitas con Fino 4 of 30
Taberna Argüeso, Imprescindible nº5
Chicharrón de atún con Manzanilla 5 of 30
La Cruz Blanca, Imprescindible nº6
Corazón de atún con Amontillado 6 of 30
Taberna Cabildo, Imprescindible nº7
Marrajo ajillo a la Manzanilla con Manzanilla 7 of 30
Albalá, Imprescindible nº8
Sardina a la brasa con Amontillado 8 of 30
Casa Paco Ceballos, Imprescindible nº9
Taquitos de cazón y boquerones con Fino 9 of 30
Barbiana, Imprescindible nº10
Papas Aliñás con Manzanilla 10 of 30
470 Sherry & Glass Bar, Imprescindible nº11
Pulpo a la brasa con Fino 11 of 30
La Marea de Marcos, Imprescindible nº12
Canelones de atún con Oloroso 12 of 30
La Bodeguilla del Bar Jamón, Imprescindible nº13
Pan de ibérico y mechada con Oloroso 13 of 30
Restaurante La Tasca, Imprescindible nº17
Pavía de Merluza con Fino 14 of 30
Tabanco El Guitarrón, Imprescindible nº18
Sardina Ahumada con Fino 15 of 30
Lantero Calle Ancha, Imprescindible nº19
Lomito de caballa con Cream 16 of 30
El Patio de las Siete Esquinas, Imprescindible nº20
Atún mechado y Oloroso 17 of 30
Taberna "El Loli", Imprescindible nº21
Solomillo de Atún con Manzanilla 18 of 30
El Almacén, Imprescindible nº22
Albondigas de carrillá y Oloroso 19 of 30
El Mirador de Doñana, Imprescindible nº23
20 of 30
Bar Maypa, Imprescindible nº24
Lomo en salsa Maypa 21 of 30
La Guachi Romerijo, Imprescindible nº25
Vieira a la plancha sobre patata con Fino 22 of 30
Casa Gabriela, Imprescindible nº26
Hamburguesita de gallo y Fino 23 of 30
Alavera del Puerto, Imprescindible nº27
Lomo de dorada en vinagre con Fino 24 of 30
Despacho de Vino Las Palomas, Imprescindible nº28
Cazón a la Manzanilla con Manzanilla 25 of 30
El Bichero, Imprescindible nº29
Chocos a la Marinera con Fino 26 of 30
La Venencia, Imprescindible nº30
Tartar de atún con Manzanilla 27 of 30
Tabanco San Pablo, Imprescindible nº14
Bocadillo de presa ibérica con Fino 28 of 30
Bocarambo, Imprescindible nº15
Merluza en salsa sobreusa con Amontillado 29 of 30
Cata Ciega, Imprescindible nº16
Tosta de salmorejo con Amontillado 30 of 30

RANKING TOP 30 SHERRY SPOTS - Sherry and Tapas 2015 

Cuchara de Palo – Jerez de la Frontera
La Carboná – Jerez de la Frontera
El Gallo Azul – Jerez de la Frontera
Juanito – Jerez de la Frontera
Taberna Argüeso – Sanlúcar de Barrameda
La Cruz Blanca – Jerez de la Frontera
Taberna Cabildo – Sanlúcar de Barrameda
Albalá – Jerez de la Frontera
Casa Paco Ceballos – El Puerto de Santa María
Barbiana – Sanlúcar de Barrameda
470 Sherry&Glass Bar – El Puerto de Santa María
La Marea de Marcos – Jerez de la Frontera
La Bodeguilla del Bar Jamón – El Puerto de Santa María
Tabanco San Pablo – Jerez de la Frontera
Bocarambo – Jerez de la Frontera
Cata Ciega – El Puerto de Santa María
La Tasca – Jerez de la Frontera
Tabanco El Guitarrón – Jerez de la Frontera
Lantero Calle Ancha – Sanlúcar de Barrameda
El Patio de las Siete Esquinas – El Puerto de Santa María
Taberna “El Loli” – Sanlúcar de Barrameda
El Almacén – Jerez de la Frontera
El Mirador de Doñana – Sanlúcar de Barrameda
Maypa – Jerez de la Frontera
La Guachi Romerijo – El Puerto de Santa María
Casa Gabriela – Jerez de la Frontera
Alavera El Puerto – El Puerto de Santa María
Despacho de Vinos Las Palomas – Sanlúcar de Barrameda
El Bichero – Jerez de la Frontera
La Venencia – El Puerto de Santa María​

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21 December 2015
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