Go nuts for Sherry

30 November 2017

Whether you like to nibble on a handful of roasted nuts or enjoy a piece or two of quality chocolate, there is a Sherry for every occasion this Christmas. Here’s our guide of what to enjoy and when.

Smoked salmon – atop warmed blinis with sour cream and fresh chives, it is hard to beat this classic hors d‘oeuvres. The oily, smokiness of the fish alongside the fresh acidity of the cream is wonderful with a glass of cold Manzanilla. This combination will get your taste buds livened up after the night before.

Crisps, salted almonds and stuffed olives – these little treats are delicious with an aperitif as they are salty, savoury and provide a bit of bite. With a chilled glass of Fino Sherry in your other hand, as you pick out your favourite stuffed olive, you’ll be transported back to summertime, briefly.

Mixed roasted nuts – a handful of roasted nuts is a classic winter-time snack, coupled with a drop of dry Oloroso or an aged Amontillado you have the perfect excuse to take your time, relax and enjoy every mouthful. Our favourites include: smoked almonds, walnuts and honey roasted cashews.

Turkey curry – there’s a spicy finish to Amontillado Sherry that makes it great with curry, and who doesn’t have a turkey curry at some point over the Christmas break. Not everyone enjoys a gassy beer or larger with curry and it’s little known how well Amontillado can cope such powerful flavours. Try it, it could be your next foodie revelation.

Chocolate – whether you enjoy a slice of classic yuletide log or a snap of the finest quality bar, Sherry cannot be beaten as the ultimate wine to sip alongside chocolate. Try a Medium Oloroso Sherry, which has a touch of sweetness and will enhance the chocolate flavours, not overpower. A chocolate orange (not a whole one on your own!) is not to be sniffed at either, as the citrus essence picks up the natural aromas in Cream Sherry.

Minced pies & Christmas cake – hopefully you’ll have fed your Christmas cake over the past couple of months with a dark, rich sherry. Which means enjoying a glass of slightly chilled Cream or Pedro Ximenez Sherry will be the perfect accompaniment. Dried fruits, winter spices and liquorice are all reminiscent of what you’ll also find in your glass.

And, finally, what is Christmas without cheese? In fact we have so many pairing ideas for Sherry and cheese that we’ve dedicated a whole blog purely about it, click here to read more.

So there you have it, our guide to going nuts for Sherry this Christmas and how you’re guaranteed to enjoy a burst of new flavours. And remember, Sherry IS something to be sniffed at.

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