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Looking Forward to the Return of #SherrySummer

With the unofficial beginning of summer happening this Memorial Day weekend, we asked some full-time #Sherrylover-s which summertime Sherry pairings they were most anticipating. Some look forward to the simple pleasures, while others are eager for more complex offerings. What is clear - Sherry pairs with the flavors of summer.

"Currently I'm pretty giddy about ice cold La Guita Manzanilla "En Rama" with Rappahannock River "Olde Salts" oysters on the half shell.  Simple I know, but I'm not in a mood to complicate things. The oysters are rather large and pretty briney. Combine this with the light salt and crisp finish of the Manzanilla and I'm a super happy boy."
— Andy Myers, MS Wine Director for José Andrés' ThinkFoodGroup, Washington, DC

“At the Nomad I have been pairing our new Sherry cocktail with one of our dinning room pasta dishes with great success. The cocktail, "Ma Chérie" with Lustau Fino Sherry, Lime, Velvet Falernum, Green Chartreuse, Celery, Cucumber, Salt. The dish, Tortelli with Smoked Trout, English Pea, and Horseradish. The pairing works so well because the Sherry has enough weight to hold up to the rich flavors and texture of the tortelli while it's acidity cuts through the smoked trout cream.  Also the Green Chartreuse complements the vegetal aromas coming off of the English peas while the salinity coming from the sherry and the added salt creates a refreshing snap on the back palate.”
— Pietro Collina, Bar Manager of The Nomad Hotel, New York City, NY

“In the summer, the last thing I want to do is overcomplicate things so for me, I keep it easy - Barbadillo Solear en Rama Manzanilla Verano edition with a Maine Lobster roll. Tell me that doesn’t sound like perfection!”
— Steve Olson, aka wine geek

"Ma Chérie" cocktail 1 of 6
"The Wrong Side" cocktail paired with Artichoke, smoked Sturgeon, potato en croute, chicharron at Menton Gold Bar 2 of 6
Matrimonio paired with Manzanilla Pasada 3 of 6
"Lo Siento No Lo Siento (Sorry Not Sorry)" cocktail 4 of 6
"Maria Sangrienta" cocktail 5 of 6
La Guita Manzanilla En Rama & Rappahannock River "Olde Salts" oysters on the half shell 6 of 6

“A cocktail we’re serving at Menton Gold Bar called ’The Wrong Side' with La Gitana Manzanilla, Brennivin, strawberry, twist. Pair that with Artichoke, smoked Sturgeon, potato en croute, chicharron.  Sherry, especially Manzanilla, answers the ever-problematic question of what to pair with artichokes. Their mutual flavors marry perfectly! And who doesn't like some classic Aquavit with smoked fish & a hint of strawberry to welcome summer in this lovingly irreverent twist on a Sazerac.”
— Jeff Grdinich of Menton Gold Bar, Barbara Lynch Gruppo in Boston; dish by Scott L. Jones, Chef de Cuisine of Menton and Culinary Development Chef of BLGruppo

Matrimonio, a classic dish found in and around bars all over Spain, has been on the menu at Taberna de Haro since I opened in 1998.  Composed of boquerones (white anchovies) and traditional brown anchovies lying side by side, with a handful of anchovy-stuffed manzanilla olives to garnish, Matrimonio has always been one of my favorite plates with a glass or three of bristling and bright Manzanilla.  I decided to taste it with the slightly tawnier flavors of Manzanilla Pasada, and it is wonderful.  Almacenista Manuel Cuevas Jurado Manzanilla Pasada bottled by Emilio Lustau is savory like the sea and sunny like a lemon, with light notes of oxidation that add a sultry depth.”
— Deborah Hansen, Chef-Owner-Sommelier of Taberna de Haro, Brookline, MA

“For me, it’s our cocktail "Lo Siento No Lo Siento (Sorry Not Sorry)" with Reposado Tequila, Hidalgo Fino Sherry, Orleans Herbal Apertif Cider, Lemon Syrup, Orange Bitters. Stirred with an inserted orange peel and garnished with a lemon peel, and paired with a shrimp taco.  "Lo Siento No Lo Siento" goes great with a shrimp taco because you have the Tequila to stand up to the spice and the Fino adds a crisp, bright, salty note to combine with the rich sweet flavor of the shrimp.”
— Stephanie Schneider, Owner of Huckleberry Bar, Brooklyn, NY

“I love "Maria Sangrienta" (a Sherry Bloody Mary) with some guacamole.  Spain meets Mexico, fresh ingredients for a hot summer, perfect for lunch/brunch, or as an aperitif. The Fino makes for a lighter, more savory Bloody Mary and the combination of tomato juice and a touch of citrus (lime) is a no-brainer match to avocado.  And it’s easy to prepare at any casual gathering. Lustau Fino Jarana is an ideal ingredient for this drink; dry and crisp on the palate, yet rich and with a full finish.”
— Lucas Paya, Lustau U.S. Brand Educator

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25 May 2016
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