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Meet Christine Jeanine Nielsen, a true Sherry broad

The #SherryBroads of the Sherry Revolution

We follow our first edition of Sherry Broads, which highlighted Abigail Gullo, with her counterpart in the Sherry takeover and fellow New Orleanian, Christine Jeanine Nielsen.  Christine Jeanine is a Sherry lover and ambassador to the core.  She has the ultimate Sherry tribute tattooed on her arm and invites people to learn about and love Sherry as much as she does through her effervescent style.  Christine Jeanine works at Angeline in New Orleans' French Quarter and was a finalist in the 2015 Sherry Cocktail Competition with her incredible ‘Right Side of Jackson’ cocktail.

Sherry offers a collection of combinations that can stand up to every dish.

1) When did you fall in love with Sherry?
Christine Jeanine: I fell in love with Sherry right before the Lucky Rooster [formerly also in New Orleans] opened it's doors. We had not even opened and we were hosting the opening event for Sherry Week. I knew a little about Sherry but really only as a cocktail ingredient. I made a cocktail with Fino called the Lucky Cobbler and frantically took notes from the Wikipedia article on Sherry (surprisingly great) and listened to a podcast with Peter Liem. It was so great to taste so many styles all together with a bunch of nerds. I think that communal tasting always yields more education and passion.

2) Why do you love it?
CJ: I love the infinite style it has. Sherry is a stylish motherf***er. It can go anywhere and mingle with anyone.

Christine Jeanine's famous Sherry tattoo along side the Sherry available at Angeline 1 of 5
Christine Jeanine and her 2015 Sherry Cocktail Competition entry, Right Side of Jackson 2 of 5
Right Side of Jackson cocktail paired with Braised Lamb Neck Agnolotti Pasta 3 of 5
A portion of the impressive Sherry list at Angeline, where Christine Jeanine works 4 of 5
The main dining area at Angeline 5 of 5

3) Who introduced you to Sherry?
Christine Jeanine: Sara Kavanaugh introduced me to Sherry at the Windsor Court. It's actually very funny because it was a completely different context than the place where Sherry really clicked with me. The wine list was curated by her and her excellent palate but it was a totally different atmosphere and style than I think most people would actually imagine me in... a tad stuffy (but so amazing in its own right). We had a tea service and, classically, served Sherry. It was paired with tea sandwiches and ladies in ornate hats. It was lovely. Then, I moved on to a restaurant with newly green hair and served Sherry with Joe Briand. It was a long (baller) list, with all styles paired (like a boss) with Asian Food (by Chef Neil Swidler and the folks from Juan's Flying Burrito) and the Wu-Tang Clan. And sh*t, this wasn't a stuffy wine at all. My mind was blown. There came the ruckus.

4) Why do you think New Orleans is so “Sherry friendly”?
CJ: It makes ultimate sense. New Orleans traditional cuisine/vast ingredient list should be best broads, they both are so vast in style and flavor. Sherry offers a collection of combinations that can stand up to every dish. Plus SEAFOOD! It is literally insane that every place that has a raw bar doesn't have Manzanilla by the glass.  

5) Who is your favorite person to drink Sherry with?
CJ: My best friend Dani, while talking about our lives. She so kindly was my personal assistant when I went to Brooklyn for the Sherry Competition this year. She gets the cause.  But really, anyone. Strangers. I often get off work at Angeline (seriously, the best by-the-glass Sherry list in the city) and go drink Sherry at Cane and Table alone. It is actually the site where I had my afternoon Sherry, then consulted the bartender about a tattoo idea: 'Tore up from the Flor up." It was approved. I like sitting next to someone and blowing their mind with the beautiful chaos that is Sherry. It ain't your Grandma's wine. I mean, it might be but so many people just don't know anything beyond Cream. So anyone & everyone is the answer.

6) What would your perfect Sherry night be?
CJ: Swigging it like a beer out of the bottle with friends. Or with a fine meal. Or in a backyard. Or while cooking a meal. Or sitting on a beach. Or in the Winter. Or Summer.

7) What’s your best Sherry cocktail?
CJ: I like mine neat but I do have a few.

8) Can we have the recipe?

Right Side of Jackson

1.5 oz Tio Pepe En Rama Fino
.75 oz Grand Marnier
.5 oz Tempus Fugit Creme de Menthe

Stir all ingredients in a glass with ice.  Strain into a Snifer glass and enjoy.

Lucky Cobbler

2 oz Fino Sherry
1.5 oz Pineapple & Thai Basil Shrub (recipe below)

Add both ingredients to metal julep glass.  Add crushed ice and stir briefly.  Top with additional crushed ice and garnish with Thai basil and fresh fruit and/or a housemade grenadine float.

Pineapple-Thai Basil Shrub
2 Quarts Pineapple Juice
1 Cup Sherry Vinegar
1 Cup White Balsamic Vinegar l
1 C. Thai Basil Syrup
Combine all ingredients.

Christine, we thank you for your continued support of our beloved Sherry and would love to belly up to any Sherry bar with you!

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19 January 2016
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