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26 March 2019

Jerez de la Frontera will become the world capital of gastronomy for two days, offering a complete programme of presentations, tastings and demonstrations, as well as live showcooking during Copa Jerez international food & wine pairing competition.

Jerez de la Frontera, March 26, 2019 -Tickets are now available for the upcoming edition of Copa Jerez Forum & Competition, an initiative that will draw some of the leading figures from the international food & wine scene to the city of Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz province, southern Spain).

On May 28-29, world-renowned figures like Josep Roca, François Chartier, Sarah Jane Evans, Ángel León and José Carlos Capel, among others, have accepted the Consejo Regulador’s invitation to delve into the features that make Sherry Wines so highly appreciated. Their insight will bring Sherry, considered the most food-friendly wine, into the limelight of analysis and discussion from a whole new perspective, revealing why Sherry Wines are increasingly present at the table and possess such enormous potential in world cuisine everywhere.

Two days full of activities will provide 300 oenologists, chefs and Sherry Wine lovers the chance to broaden the scope of what they know about Sherry Wines while fine-tuning their skills in assessing the criteria that make these wines a treasure trove based on centuries of history and tradition.

At the same venue, attendees will enjoy the privilege of watching live showcooking in its finest form as the VIII Copa Jerez International Final unfolds. Competing chefs and sommeliers will prepare and present their pairing menus before the panel of judges and the audience. The teams come from some of the finest restaurants in seven different countries (totalling six Michelin stars).

Adding even more attraction to the event will be the ample presence of the most relevant Jerez Region winemakers and bodegas, giving congress-goers the chance to taste over 200 wines and talk shop with their producers.


A multidisciplinary programme focused on Sherry


The Copa Jerez Forum programme will cover a wide spectrum of topics in a variety of formats: presentations, workshops and highly participative tastings that will delve into both theoretical and practical aspects of Jerez Region wines, focusing on cuisine and service from a myriad of viewpoints.

Topics ranging from successful new business models that have emerged to the influence of Sherry Wines in some of the world’s best restaurants, going on to consider the many ways to serve and enjoy Sherry with meals, how molecular analysis leads to spectacular pairing options and discovering new ways to enjoy Sherry, such as in the field of mixology.

This and much more will be dealt with by some of the world’s most relevant figures in gastronomy and oenology, drawing upon their vision and experience and accompanied by insight offered from many of the region’s winemaking experts.


How to become part of this great event?


Those professionals who wish to attend this spectacular event can submit their registration details on the event website, www.copajerez.comwhere full and up-to-date information can be found.

There are a number of different accreditation options available, providing flexibility and a variety of alternatives for the different types of audience interested in attending:

Copa Jerez Forum & Competition

Full programme for May 28 and 29, including prestentations, tasting sessions, showroom and live onstage Copa Jerez Competition

Copa Jerez Forum & Competition + Gala de Clausura

Full programme for May 28 and 29 + Awards Ceremony + Paired dinner and live flamenco show to bring the event to a close

Copa Jerez Competition + Showroom

May 29, Live competition with onstage cooking + Bodega Showroom


VIII Copa Jerez International Final: Sherry stars align again

 In their quest to create the perfect match, the stars will align again on May 29 with the seven finalists competing for the VIII Copa Jerez. For the first time ever, all the activity will take place on stage, with chefs and sommeliers putting their talent to the test before the jury and a live audience.

 Representing Germany, the team comprised of sommelier Sebastian Schaan and chef Dominik Markowitz from the restaurant Lammershofin Birkenau-Löhrbach,

 Sommelier François van de Casteell and chef Michel Van Cauwelaert, national finalists for Belgium, represent the restaurant Le Pilori* located in the small Flemish village of Écaussinnes.

 Clou*, centrally located in the heart of Copenhagen, will represent Denmarkat the VIII Copa Jerez where sommelier Jonathan K. Berntsen and chef Martin G. Sørensen will compete for the title.

 The restaurant from Xábia, Alicante, BonAmb**was proclaimed winner of the national final in Spain.The team is made up of sommelier Enrique García and chef Pau García.

 Team United Stateswill travel to Copa Jerez from the city of Los Angeles and is represented by sommelier Ryan Bailey and chef John Taube IV who both work at the restaurant NoMad.

 Sommelier Kim Reisig and chef Jelle Hogeboom, from the restaurant Cheval Blanc*located in the town of Heemstede, represent the team from The Netherlandsat the Copa Jerez International Final 2019.

 The London-based restaurant Texture* will be represented by sommelier Alan Bednarski and chef Karl O’Dell as the finalist team for the United Kingdomat the VIII Copa Jerez.

Culminating two intense days of activities focused on gastronomy and Sherry Wines, a special awards ceremony will take place at the Villamarta Theatre with members of the press, industry professionals and institutional representatives in attendance. The awards ceremony will be followed by an exclusive paired dinner prepared by prestigious local chefs and will end with a live flamenco performance.

Those professionals who wish to attend the Copa Jerez Forum and Competition can find full details about the different registration options available at where accreditation required for entrance to all of the activities can be obtained.


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