Sherry Style at London Fashion Week

28 September 2015

Ember Yard in Soho created a cocktail especially for the occasion, the Fino Sour, designed with the individuality and creativity of London Fashion week in mind.

The Fino Sour 


- 50mls of Colosia Fino sherry

- 20mls of Torres Brandy

- Half the juice of a Lemon

- 15mls of Orange juice

- 10mls of Sugar syrup

- 10mls of Egg white

All of the ingredients are shaken together twice in a Boston shaker (once without ice and once with ice) and are then served in a Sherry glass with a garnish of flamed lemon peel.

Fashion Designer Victoria Beckham also chose a classy Sherry cocktail to celebrate London Fashion Week at the first anniversary party of her Dover Street London store. The sherry was combined with Haig Club Whisky, who created the cocktails for the event, including the drink named especially for the lady herself, The Victoria.

The Victoria


- Fresh Lemon

- Sherry

- Redcurrant syrup

- Haig Club Whisky

All of which proves as far as fashion is concerned, Sherry never goes out of style!

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