Two weeks to go until International Sherry Week 2018

24 September 2018

The world’s biggest and most exciting celebration of Sherry wines will see more than 1000 innovative events in 18 countries as novices and aficionados alike get together to share and explore the world of these unique and versatile wines.

Restaurants, bars and wine stores across five continents will welcome customers new and old to sip Sherry cocktails, enjoy culinary challenges, and learn about matching the deep, rich flavours of these aged and blended wines with their preferred gastronomic delights.

Across the continents

With hundreds of events already planned and featured on the Sherry map, including a strong showing for South America - Peru, Argentina and Brazil are all on board – and Germany, as well as nearly 200 in the UK and more than 100 in Spain, Sherry-lovers from all over the world will be able to indulge their passion in a myriad of ways.

In southern-eastern Spain, home of Sherry, popular events such as tastings, pairing dinners, and open doors at the wineries in Jerez, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa Maria will enable Sherry aficionados to explore the terroir of these fascinating and unique wines, and experience how beautifully they pair with so many different types of food.

Five years on

Since its first year, 2014, Sherry Week has grown steadily. In 2017 more than 2,500 events took place in 30 countries (a 25 per cent increase for the third consecutive year), producing more than 15,000 original Social Media posts and almost 50 million potential impacts. To provide some perspective on ISW’s growth and success, this is up from two million Twitter reach in 2014*.    *Source: hashtagifyme, Twitter analytics

New developments this year’s ISW include:

  • more events planned for Manzanilla Monday and Flor Friday
  • more guided tastings by Certified Sherry Educators
  • blind tastings in collaboration with the innovative new app The Wine Game 
  • the first-ever Great Sherry Tasting in NYC, with more than 20 producers
  • a Sherry Cocktail contest in Taiwan inspired by the annual US Sherry Cocktail Competition
  • a competition in China to find the most innovative recipes paired with Sherry, with the winner chosen by voting online
  • more Sherry Trails in the UK, including the Iberica and Salt Yard Group in London.
  • a week-long event at delicatessen Frische Paradies in Fürth, Germany, featuring a different type of cuisine with two Sherry pairings each day
  • closing fiesta on 14 October at Michelin-starred Peter Gast’s new “speakeasy”, Graphite in Amsterdam, with nine Sherry brands  present 


Win €1,000 worth of Sherry for the best ISW event

This year will see the return of the Best ISW Event competition, sponsored by the Jerez Chamber of Commerce and the Confederation of Business of the Province of Cádiz.  Participants could win €1,000 in Sherry Wines, based on the innovativeness and originality of their event. Everyone is eligible, no matter how near or far they live in relation to Jerez.


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