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Roast Beef with Sherry

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Cooking time: 1 hour

Oloroso, as its name suggests, is a wine with an enormous aromatic complexity. Due to its powerful personality it can be perfectly matched with even the most complex and sophisticated dishes, such as this delicious recipe for Roast Beef with Oloroso Sherry.


Roast Beef with Sherry

pClean, trim and truss the meat. Rub it thoroughly with garlic, season with salt and pepper, and add the garlic cloves. Heat a cupful of oil in a large frying pan or roasting tin on top of the stove, then brown the meat well on all sides until it has formed a crust to keep in its juices, colour and other qualities. Pour the sherry brandy over the meat, then sprinkle with the sherry and place the pan in a pre-heated oven. Roast for 15 minutes per kg, turning the meat over half way through. Baste frequently during cooking, being careful not to let the meat dry out, burn or overcook. Beef cooked in this way should still be bright pink inside, but if you prefer it rarer or well done adjust the timing accordingly. Allow the joint to stand after removing from the oven. Serve it warm, carving into slices at the last minute so that it remains juicy. Fresh vegetables tossed in a little butter are a good accompaniment./p

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Oloroso met voedsel

De ideale temperatuur waarin je Oloroso kunt schenken is tussen 12 en 14ºC. 

De wijn is een prima begeleider voor rood vlees en fazant.Het is perfecte combinatie voor stoofschotels en casseroles; met name gelatine-achtig vlees zoals ossestaart of varkenswangen.

Maar de Oloroso is ook de perfecte combinatie met wilde paddenstoelen en gerijpte kazen.

  • Licht gekoeld in een witte wijnglas

    Serveer temperatuur tussen 12° en 14° C en in een witte wijnglas.

  • Zacht en Persistent

    Ideale wijn voor een lange afdronk van intense smaken.

  • Probleemloos voor langere tijd houdbaar

    In verband met de unieke samenstelling, kan deze wijn ondanks opening nog maanden bewaard worden.