Sherry Cask

The artists view

In homage to one of the oldest trades in our city and which is of fundamental importance to the Sherry business, the Fiestas de la Vendimia, or grape harvest festival, of 2018 was dedicated to the coopers. Among many other activities during the months of September and October, an exhibition of works of art was held in the Cloisters of Santo Domingo - a very special place in our city – at which one could admire the work of the Jerez artist who paid particular attention to the world of cooperage.

Francisco Pinto Berraquero (1924 – 2004) was a sculptor and painter with a special interest in the various traditional trades and jobs and dedicated much of his work to the world of bodegas and vineyards, and also cooperage. The Francisco Pinto Berraquero Foundation, the organiser of the exhibition, has been kind enough to permit the reproduction on this page of some of these works which clearly show the artist´s sensibility in finding beauty in this trade and in the various processes required in the construction of a Sherry Cask.

Francisco Pinto Berraquero