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OenoHouse is a modern wine boutique designed for every appreciator of fine wine. Located at The Royal Exchange, one of London’s most vibrant and prestigious addresses. OenoHouse is a welcoming and intimate space dedicated to experiencing the world’s finest wines. This is where sophisticated city dwellers will find a range of rare, iconic wines to sample or purchase. As well as some of the most sought-after vintages, we meticulously source wines by up-and-coming vineyards and the finest globally-renowned producers. Never short of fascinating wine happenings and events, OenoHouse is a convivial setting that brings together the most refined drinkers and investors in the love of wine. From novice to expert our vision remains the same; we want our house to be your home. We are delighted to be working with Pepe Rodriguez de Vera, winemaker and Master of Wine student, and is Sherry brand, Sopla Poniente. Sopla Poniente arises from the shared passion for traditional Andalusian wines of three friends: Pepe Rodríguez de Vera, Carlos Jiménez López-Quecuty and Alfredo García Rider, in collaboration with large wineries from Montilla-Moriles and the Jerez framework. They search boot to boot inside the wineries, some of which have been abandoned for years. The three friends have been able to access to the best sacristies, unique and historic casks and ancient soleras. In this exciting project, their main task is to act as dealers in search of hidden gems from the south of Spain, assembling those boots they have selected under the interpretation of Pepe Rodriguez de Vera and developing a new product. In very limited quantities, for collectors, Sopla Poniente shows to the world those spectacular wines.

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Sopla Poniente Fino en Rama "Cerro del Majuelo" 2021

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Sopla Poniente Amontillado Viejísimo "San Roque" 2022

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