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Beached Scallop, Toasted Coconut Cornbread Sand, Coconut Yogurt, Gooseberry, Gochujang and Sea Foam

Pair with: Fino


Cooking time: 1 hour

OCEAN: Lustau Fino del Puerto En Rama Saca 2014 is 100% Palomino aged Biologically under a veil of flor for 5 years. This wine is then bottled ‘En Rama’ UNFILTERED has had a unique advantage and phenomenon in the US of having spent extra time in the bottle. The extra time in the bottle has caused this Fino to mature and evolve into one of the most interesting and lively finos on the market. The yeasty, bready nose, laced with thick notes of sesame and flor gives way to notes of fresh butter, green grass and lemon. The wine is structured, rich, salty on the palate, yet fresh and glistening with acidity. It strikes balance in its contradiction; unfiltered, raw, and intense, yet elegant and refined. The ingredients of our Ocean course parallels the significance of the sea and rivers of the region that so greatly influence Sherry and the structure of the wine preserved within each bottle. This course is inspired by the feeling of being at the beach in the shore break. Sips of the ocean air from the Bay of Cádiz compliments the salinity of the scallop, as if the scallops threw themselves out of the ocean onto the toasty sand, represented by the toasted coconut cornbread and salty sea foam. The calcium carbonate on the palate of the wine remembers the shells from which the scallops were thrown. The coconut yogurt is reminiscent of the beach, both in a tropical setting and in the association of the smell of sunscreen and offers a cooling quality to the heat and umami from Gochujang. The gochujang when combined with the juicy tart and refreshing burst of a gooseberry is like the scorch and rejuvenation of the sun, while the grassiness of the cilantro brings out the aromatics of the wine.

Author , United States of America


Serving and consuming

Fino with food

It is an ideal aperitif wine and goes well with all types of tapa, especially olives, nuts and Iberian cured ham.

Also providing the perfect companion for shellfish and fish, especially those with a marked salty taste (anchovies) or even raw (sashimi).

Its low acetic acid content combines exceptionally well with dishes of marked acidity (vinaigrette salads, marinades, etc.) as well as with cold soups (gazpacho, ajo blanco, etc.).

  • Always serve chilled

    Use an ice bucket with both ice and water to serve chilled between 6º & 8º C.

  • Perfect for Tapas

    It adapts perfectly to a diverse range of salty and intense flavours.

  • Style of Glass

    In traditional wide-rimmed catavinos, or in white wine glasses.