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Capote y Toro


Quite simply, Capote y Toros has the largest selection of Sherry available in London, with 125 different Sherry wines available. It is also one of just a few modern Sherry bars in London, not just a Spanish restaurant but one that specialises in the wines of Jerez.

Capote y Toros is beautifully decorated with bold colours reminiscent of traditional bull fighting (hence 'Toro') and since opening in 2011 has become highly acclaimed for it's top quality food and exemplarary service.

Our chef Luis Navacerrada uses different types of Sherries as a cooking ingredient for most of our tapas, that’s our uniqueness

Tip: visit it's sister restaurants Cambio de Tercio, Tendido Cuatro and Tendido Cero which are next door, across the road and in nearby neighbourhoods - this truly is a little corner of London dedicated to Spanish gastronomy.

Sherry Wine Pairing

Iberian pigs cheeks stew in Oloroso Sherry potato cream

This slow cooked dish has a depth of flavour that demands a wine to match it's intensity. Oloroso is part of the sauce and it should also be in your glass.